Mental Tips to Improve Golf Score

Feb 13, 2024 | Blog

Looking to improve your handicap on the Golf Course? Here are a couple of mental tips that’ll improve your scores.

Relax with Breathing Exercises. First up, master your breathing. Deep breathing exercises aren’t new and studies show are one of the most effective techniques in improving athletic performance. Taking slow, deep breaths reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. The awesome part? You can practice breathing exercises anywhere, anytime.

Establish a pre-shot Routine Okay, so every golfer gets those jitters before hitting the ball. Whether facing a drive or trying to escape a sand trap, your brain can get cluttered with negative thoughts. Creating a pre-shot routine could be as simple as taking a deep breath, giving yourself a pep talk (think “hit it straight down the middle!”), and focusing on where you want that ball to land—not on your swing mechanics. Then, shake it off physically, like tapping your shoes or adjusting your glove. This mini ritual helps eliminate the negatives and zero in on crushing that shot.

The dreaded triple bogey. Here’s the deal: we can seriously slash our scores and handicap by kissing those meltdown holes goodbye. How? Those breathing tricks and your pre-shot routine are your best buddies when things go sideways. They pull you back into the moment and away from dwelling on those oops moments. Instead, you get to focus on all the great shots you’ve made in the past.

See It Before You Do It: Visualization Last up. Visualization is where you play an entire round of golf in your mind—without ever leaving your couch. Super cool, right? Practice seeing yourself nailing every shot. Close your eyes and picture sinking that putt, crushing a drive, or making the perfect shot. By imagining these victories, you’re priming your brain to make them happen in real life.

So, there you have it—some simple yet proven- mental tricks to up your golf game. Breath right, create a pre-shot routine, wave goodbye to bad holes, and see your success before it happens. Try these techniques and watch your scores go lower.